If Bruce Forsyth Was A Movie Star

He not only presented Play Your Cards Right and The Generation Game, he's Hollywood royalty too: Bruce Forsyth - aka Bruce Bigalow, Male Gigolo...
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Bruce Forsyth is renowned as the quintessential doddery old gent of British TV - a bit annoying, but hey, he's been at it for years and even if he does mess up his lines on Strictly, after years of working his arse off we can cut him some slack.

But what you might not know is that he's had a stellar movie career too. We can hear your protests but as these posters confirm, it was Brucie and not Arnold Schwarzenegger who played Mr. Freeze, and no, it wasn't Mena Suvari in the American Beauty rose petal scene but Brucie again. All it took was a few hours of make up. Who knew?

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