In A Sauna, At A Funeral And Other Strange Places Saboteurs Have Taken Drugs

Inspired by the ballyhoo over yesterday's Channel 4 Drugs Live program, we took to Twitter to ask our followers where was the weirdest place they'd ever taken drugs...
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Inspired by Channel 4's 'Drugs Live: the Ecstasy Trial,' where 25 volunteers took MDMA with their behaviour monitored for public viewing, we took to Twitter to ask our readers where was the weirdest place they'd ever taken drugs. Unsurprisingly they weren't shy with their answers. Here are the best, why not tell us yours in the comments?

Sandwichclub  In the final exam of my university finals.

ArtLessOrdinary Ilfracombe and the bogs in the Matthew Harding Stand.

Julestoogood Probably a rave in a chicken shed in about '88. Horrific scenes of chicken shit carnage in the morning.

ByCBallinger Sacre Coeur Basilica, Paris. Acid, of course.

Stevezacharanda Up a tree with a homeless guy at 7,000 feet above sea level....

LDNCalling Good question to ask Will Self.

Philsherry Went to a funeral on acid once. Heavy going.

AlwynPayne The ear canal.

Amanda Jane HartOn a plane.

Karen Frazer Is any place too strange for drug taking?

Grady Johnson As a suppository ?

Liam Anderson Broseley (Shropshire).

Simon Jones I took them to the zoo but they got bored?

Robert Endeacott Dobby's Chemist on Old Lane, Beeston.

Barbapapa Man I'm not admitting to that! or have i just?

Matt Le' Rookie My wedding.

Leanda Kathleen Street In a sauna.

StanFranDisco The Priory.

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