Inside The Strange World Of A Hollywood Lookalike Agency

Need a celebrity doppelganger for a gathering, party or Bar Mitzvah? Then check out the best of the best currently on the books of the 4th best agency in Tinseltown...
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My name is Scott Johnson and I run Scott’s Lookalikes, the 4th biggest lookalikes agency in Hollywood. I’m British by birth. Half-Scottish actually, which, unlike some, I still consider British. I moved to sunny California in 2012 to set up my lookalikes agency and I’ve not looked back since! I’ve been back since. But that was for visa reasons.

My office is based in the conference room of the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Some think that’s depressing. But I like it. There’s always lots of flowers around the place and a steady stream of mourning families coming through the doors cheering the place up. I’m always on the look out for fresh clients. The trick is to know at what point during the funeral proceedings to approach them.

My favorite ever lookalike was my 86 year old Clint Eastwood. But unfortunately he died last year, peacefully, at a college pool party. It’s always sad to say goodbye to older clients. But with each lookalike death comes fresh talent.

With that in mind, I’d like to tell you about 3 of my current favourite clients, who also appear in the recent documentary series filmed in my office:

James Franco/ Luke

Luke is a dead ringer for James Franco. So much so that Seth Rogen once met him in an elevator and invited him back to his place! It later turned out Seth thought he was actually Jay Baruchel. But Luke can be many things to many people. That’s what makes him great. He’s popular with both sexes and perfect for both public parties and more exclusive artistic functions where he can put on some horn-rimmed glasses and be “arty Franco.” Great smile and can Russian dance on demand.

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Denzel Washington/Michael

Before he arrived at the agency Michael was just a parking attendant. Now he’s a Denzel Washington lookalike, and parking attendant. I have to be honest, I wasn’t convinced with him at first. He looks more like Don Cheadle than Denzel Washington. But with the curtains drawn and the lights completely off the likeness is uncanny. He can quote Remember The Titans word-for-word from beginning to end. I don’t recommend getting him to do it, but it’s good to know you have that option. Michael assures me he no longer owns firearms:

Ryan Gosling/Paul

Paul, our Ryan Gosling lookalike, is a real hit with the ladies.  He’s a little shy. However, if you give him enough alcohol, he will take his shirt off. He comes with a blood splattered Drive costume and hammer which is perfect for kids parties. In his spare time Paul studies law at college. I think that’s so he has something to fall back on should his career as a lookalike come to an end. As long as Gosling doesn’t do any more of those weird art-house movies he should be ok.

 All my clients are available for bookings. For enquiries just visit or our facebook page