International Talk Like A Pirate Day! A Gallery Of Sea-Faring Rogues

From Keef to Johnny via Captain Hook and Errol Flynn, a selection of scurvy-ridden dwellers of the high seas...
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Who wouldn't want to be a pirate? You get to buckle your squash, drink rum, fight off bouts of scurvy, dock in the West Indies and generally live the life of a salty old sea dog. Somalian pirates have, of course, spoilt the romanticism curated by the likes of Blackbeard, and we doubt they bother too much with Ooh Arrrrs when kidnapping middle-aged couples from Tunbridge Wells. But we didn't let that stop us compiling a rogues gallery of a load of timber-shivering boat dwellers...

The Man Who Taught The World To Talk Like A Pirate

The Truth About Pirates From Blackbeard To Somalia

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