iPhone Telephoto Lens and Tripod

Now you to can hang round in bushes taking photos of your favourite celebrities from a safe distance all from your iPhone
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Va va zoom

The iPhone is great. I’m never without mine. It can do everything apart from make my tea, and even then it can show you how to do it with various recipe apps. The one thing that lets it down though is the camera. It’s just not that good, and up until recently you couldn’t even zoom with it. And even now the zoom’s not great.

This iPhone Telephoto Lens and Tripod from www.iwantoneofthose.com now lets you zoom until your hearts content. Up up to 8 x magnification in fact.

The lens simply clamps onto your lovely iPhone, and the tripod clips onto the bottom. A cover, which you place over the top, gives the whole thing the look and feel of a proper camera and you’re ready to go and snap away.

The lens has a field view of an impressive 246 meters and is fully adjustable, so whatever you’re trying to photograph you can always capture it with good clarity.

It’s totally portable (the lens is just 7x3x3cm and the tripod 13x2.5x2.5cm when folded) so if you’ve always fancied yourself as a paparazzi you can now be on constant call should the opportunity arise to make your fortune snapping a nearby celebrity present itself to you.

Coming in either black or white, to match whichever colour iPhone you opted for, and at a bargain at £29.99 its ideal for gadget fans, photography lovers and iPhone enthusiasts alike.


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