Jedward, Dire Straits And 23 Other Musical Kindred Spirits For Nick Clegg

He's under the cosh at the moment, but which musicians does Nick Clegg remind you of? Unsurprisingly the Sabotage readers weren't short of opinions on the matter...
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Obama came out today and said that he thinks he and Jay-Z share a 'bond', which obviously does his street cred no bit of harm.  Poor Clegg's been getting it from all sides over the last day or , so we asked you which musicians he shares a kinship with.  You came back with....

@timemarben- Coldplay- dull and ineffectual
@rosstalbot – Mr Blobby
@MissEBW - I think Cliff Richard/Englebert Humperdinck. He has their attitude of "you think you hate me, but you really don't."
@HawwwWHAT- Keane
@pseuds_jonny- ABBA
@d_brandly- James Blunt
@_lmob- Jedward, part of double act that is universally despised
@fourfoot- mumford and bastard sons
@Barnster- I was going to say One Direction, but that’s precisely what he isn’t.
@ThunderLeg123- Richard Digance
@PJ73- Faith No More
@jonnyatomic- Ludacris


James John Hamilton- Jim Davidson
Lucy Samantha Rayer- Miss Dynamite
Clare Reeve- Rolf Harris
Simon Duck- The Bootleg Beatles
Mark L’ingarde- Pet Shop Boys
Richard Benson- The Pretenders
Will Fitzpatrick- Liars?
James Cavanagh- Oates out of Hall and Oates, Art Garfunkel and Richard Carpenter,
Jane Vesty- The Houghton Weavers
Peter Tame- Dead or Alive
Shaun ‘Ali Bongo’ Maxwell-  Judas (Priest)…especially the drummer
John Reid- Dire Straits
Phil Kitzpatrick- Kajagoogoo (as useful as)

And if you want to see how it all started (with added subtitles)...

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