John Smedley x Umbro 1948 Athletics Clothing

You could wear a vest to get in the swing this summer, but then you'd be missing out on this pair of retro beauties...
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When we go delving around in our loft we find old envelopes, deflated footballs, a box full of random knick-knacks and some mouse droppings. So we don't go. When Umbro went into their attic recently, they only found two original designs that were worn by athletes in London 1948. Rather than chuck them away, they've teamed up with knitwear specialists John Smedley to create these two cracking pieces that can be worn from pub to gym and back again.

The 1948 field sweater is a modern take on the warm up top athletes used by athletes in 1948, and features the number 102, which was the amount of goals scored at Wembley . The 1948 Tangeru in vintage ecru is inspired by the vest the athletes wore and is crafted from 30 gauge John Smedley sea cotton.

For information on where to purchase the pair click here for Umbro or here for John Smedley

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