Kate Garner On Her New ‘Warrior Women’ Exhibition

Photographer Kate Garner talks about inspirations behind her new North London exhibition.
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Kate Garner has been a photographer, musician and artist since the early 80s. In her new exhibition ‘Warrior Women’ at Hamstead’s Zebra One Gallery, Kate explores the idea of the strong female icon. Featuring portraits of Kate Moss and Yoko Ono, the exhibition is certainly not one to miss.

What was the inspiration behind Warrior Women?

I guess I’ve been inundated with a lot of Feminist things over the past few years. I’ve worked with a lot of girls and in between shooting them I’d listen to them talk. The reason they started Guerrilla Girls is because they went to a big exhibition of modern art and out of 130 artists, only 10 of them were women. I didn’t realise that was happening, but I checked in all of the galleries I was in and I was the only woman. I started thinking about that, and Pussy Riot and the art activists. I’ve been in the industry for 30 years and it’s incredibly difficult for a woman to get to the top of it, so I wanted to highlight that but also bring a sense of humour to the idea of strong women, because I found if you’re too strident, no one listens to you.


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Who would you like to add to the collection?

I want to go and photograph Femen, the art activists who draw all over themselves. They’re based in Paris, so hopefully I’ll get to do it. Also, Malala Yousafzai. She was only 16 and she was shot in the head by the Taliban for trying to get girls to go to school. In the West, women have a fairly easy time, but a lot of other countries are hundreds of years behind in terms of women’s rights.

Warrior Women runs until October 8th.