Kobra Electric Motorcycle

A stunning electric motorcycle that not only looks good and saves the environment but rides well too. Did we mention it also mechanically tailors itself to fit the needs of each individual rider?
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Electric motorcycles are well known for their lack of appeal when it comes to aesthetics, but one Italian designer has managed to buck this trend when he came up with the Kobra project. The all-electric motorcycle concept by Cristiano Giuggioli is not only a good looking zero-emission motorbike, but it’s also able to satisfy every rider’s needs.

This means the Kobra electric motorcycle is capable of adapting to city, touring and sport commuting, providing smooth rides on both highways and inner-city roads. Featuring an ergonomic form, the sporty motorcycle adapts according to the height and weight of the rider.

The idea is pretty simple: powered by an electric engine, the Kobra is a motorcycle that aims to reduce emissions. The bike has ESA II electronic suspension, lithium batteries and Lynch motors.

Backing the electric engine with advanced robotic technology in the actuation field, is the K.E.R.S. system which is an energy recovery system from the brakes to the engine. This means that whenever the brakes are applied, the onboard battery will be recharged.

As Cristiano Giuggioli himself explains: “All the ecological “plus” of the electric vehicles are combined with the most advanced robotic technologies in the actuation ‑field. In this way Kobra is able to adapt the settings and commands to the rider’s height and weight.”

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