Koostik iPod dock

Not just another ipod dock, on no. This one is hand-made entirely out of wood
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The Koostik iPod dock is the result of a year of prototype evolution, made entirely of solid wood, by hand, in America. It’s the natural alternative to electronically amplified iPhone docks. Yes, that’s right, there’s no electronics in this, it works on the same principal as an acoustic instrument.

Using only the iPhone's built in speaker, it acoustically amplifies the volume output by 2 to 4 times. Think of a solid body guitar that's unplugged, you strum the strings and get a little bit of sound. But if those strings are placed over a hollow body guitar and you strum the strings, you suddenly have acoustic music. The same principal is at work with Koostik.

Simply place your iPhone into the centre cradle, and immediately you hear your music acoustically amplified.

The Koostick is designed so it works with all generations of iPhone. All of the external buttons and controls of the phone are easily accessible while the phone is docked. That’s not to mention it also looks pretty cool – available in various combinations of cherry, walnut and maple - and is guaranteed to be a talking point, as you explain ‘yes, there’s no electronics in it!’

This isn’t meant to be a replacement to electronic amplifiers though, If you're into loud heavy metal or heavy dancey bass heavy sounds, then Koostik may not be your cup of tea. But if you like intimate vocals and instrumentals in relaxed settings, then the Koostik will gently blow you away.

Price $85