Light Graffiti Cars: The Final Chapter

Most car related art revolves around piss-poor watercolours of Stirling Moss done by an old bloke in his shed. Thanks to Marc Cameron and Mark Brown that has all changed.
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Described by Top Gear as 'truly epic,' and 'just too good to ignore' by Trend Hunter, Light Graffiti cars have been knocking about for a few of years now. But with demand at an all time high, entrepreneur Marc Cameron and photographer Mark Brown decided to take the concept to a whole new level for Light Graffiti Cars: The Final Chapter. Featuring a selection of the most desirable cars on the planet - Bugatti Veyron anyone? - the pair, who have recently been voted in the Top 10 Light Painters in the world, have enhanced the use of light and strived to make the lines cleaner for this third and final collection. We love them, it's just, well, we want drive the bleeders...

To buy Light Graffiti Car artwork visit All images property of Marc Cameron and Mark Brown. For more information contact

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