Lime: Classic '80s Italo Artwork

History may have left Italo-disco in the European holiday camps of the '80s, but the graphic design associated with the genre, and groups like Lime, lives on...
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Lime were an Italo / synthpop group formed in Montreal during the '80s, a time when the relationship between music and graphic design was at its peak. The group, formed of husband and wife Denis and Denyse LePage, had huge success on the underground club circuit, particularly in Europe where the fast paced electronic Italo had evolved from disco to become the club music of choice on the Continent.


While the unforgiving synths and raw vocals which characterise the genre have dated about as well as Keegan's perm, the artwork associated with it has become iconic in its own right - the high cheekboned females and cocktails bathed in a soft afterglow have become synonymous with the decade. The unmistakable artwork on each Lime release is credited to Studio Graffiti, but little else is known about the artist or studio.