London Boozers That Hollywood Royalty Love

There have been a surprising amount of movie magicians who have dropped into a humble London rub’a’dub. Here’s a smattering...
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Hollywood stars! They’re just like us! They drive and cry and wash and occasionally visit a boozer for a cheeky half. There have been a surprising amount of movie magicians who have dropped into a humble London rub’a’dub. Here’s a smattering...


The Lamb In Leadenhall Market 

Frequented By: John Wayne

OK, so we don’t officially know if he actually spent a great deal of leisure time there, but The Duke definitely smashed up this renowned 18th Century inn in his fabulous, ludicrous film Brannigan! Other stars including Robert Mitchum, Tom Selleck and Sir Dickie Attenborough have also been known to prop up the bar there.


The Hobgoblin In New Cross

Frequented By: Shia LaBeouf

Apparently the co-star of Shia’s next epic (the sweetly titled Necrophiliac) has family that lives quite close to this fairly dingy South London watering hole. So the Hollywood A-lister and Transformers’ friend popped in for a shandy. All went well until someone fiddled with Shia’s hat and he had a punch up with a local student.


The Black Lion In Hammersmith

Frequented By: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Perfectly located on the River Thames, this lovely boozer is famous for Boat Race viewing, appearing in the novel The Water Gypsies and for skittles! It has one of the finest pub skittle alleys in the Capital, recently renovated after years of dereliction. Which is why the swashbuckling Douglas, the biggest film star on earth at the time, popped in for a quick game And there are stories that Errol Flynn himself also had a quick skittle there too.


The Star Tavern In Belgravia

Frequented By: Peter O' Toole

British film greats like Diana Dors, Albert Finney and Peter O’Toole rubbed shoulders with some of the capital’s leading villains in this West London local. It was in The Star that most of the Great Train Robbery was planned and other rum types planned their latest ‘blags’ while enjoying  a pie and a pint.


Windsor Castle In Notting Hill

Frequented By: Robert De Niro

Stars such as Madonna have been known to frequent this salubrious West London hostelry. Not sure if this is why Mr De Niro picked the pub to shoot scenes for his Wartime period piece The Good Shepherd, starring Matt Damon. As a thank you, Bobby stuck five grand behind the bar once filming had finished as for the regulars to enjoy.

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