London's Congo Rally: Where Party Meets Protest

We were sat in the office at 11.30 this morning and an almighty racket kicked off outside. Turns out it was a protest about the Congolese elections, so went and had a look...
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At SabotageTimes we like an upbeat gathering more than Steve Coogan likes a quiet life. So when we heard horns, rhythmic clapping and a singsong out of our office window we were naturally intrigued. Unfortunately from our vantage point we couldn’t see what was going on so decided to guess. ‘I reckon it’s a stag do’, said one ‘no it’s definitely a football match’ chimed another, ‘what are you two on? It’s one of those corporate team building inner city choir events’ said a moron.

As you can tell supposition isn’t one of our strong points so we sent a junior member of staff to find out what’s going on. It turns out the throng of people creating the carnival atmosphere are citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo demonstrating for change. Elections are taking place in Kinshasa next week but there are some who are pessimistic they will be fair. So they took to the streets and marched from the Congolese Embassy to Downing Street to make their feelings known.

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