Love Your Lugs With The Jabra Active Eargels

Finally, a corded headset that promises not to fall out of your ears whilst out jogging.
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With crystal clear sound and a splash proof outer, the Jabra Active Eargels should help to keep even the most reluctant jogger going. Whether you’re listening to the ‘Rocky’ soundtrack for that extra bit of motivation or getting an inspiring speech from your personal trainer, you can train in comfort without having to worry your headphones will fall out.

The reason? Well, these ergonomically designed earphones ‘lock’ into the ear, so that wearers can pound the most demanding of streets – and treadmills - with confidence. And, despite how the word ‘lock’ sounds, they’re not uncomfortable

For long workout sessions, the Jabra Actives ensure you never miss an important call as its control box allows you to quickly and easily answer a call – making the switch between music straightforward. It’s also simple to skip tracks to instantly boost a workout with an upbeat tune if you need that sudden extra adrenaline boost.

As well as the sound quality, the headset has a microphone with wind-noise reduction and comes with a neat carrying case.

A 3.5mm gold-plated plug means the headphones work with most phones including Apple, Blackberry, LG and Motorola. If you’re phone of choice is something else, then don’t worry, there’s an adaptor included for Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

The headphones come in a choice of black, white or yellow, so if you’re that way inclined, you can match them up with your workout gear.

Price $60

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