Magpul Ronin: Batman's Motorbike?

A futuristic motorbike named after a Samurai that's more superhero than superbike.
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Samurai's the word



If you think you're looking at something that wheelied out of Gotham think again. This baby might look like it sprang from the pages of a Batman Comic but it actually exists. You don't have take our word for it this is what it's designers have got to say about their baby:

"The Magpul Ronin is an experimental motorcycle project based on the Buell 1125R sport bike.  The project itself represents the first iteration of a design exercise inspired by interests, hobbies, and passions shared by many within Magpul.  Taken from the Japanese word for a samurai who lost his master, the name "Ronin" was chosen after the Buell Motorcycle Company ceased production and closed its doors in 2009.  The model 1125R was selected due to its high level of performance and aesthetic potential that were never fully realized by Buell as a subsidiary of Harley Davidson.

Due to the experimental nature of the project, it is not yet known if Ronin motorcycles or Magpul-designed components for the Buell 1125R will be made available for purchase.  More information about Project Ronin will be released as the design progresses, sign up above to stay in the know. If you have further questions or press inquiries please contact"

Motorcycle News said of it "The Ronin’s girder front end, angular bodywork and radical radiator/headlight combination have turned geek into gorgeous." Which means they like it. I'm quite happy to say it just looks fucking ace and if you like your bikes futuristic rather than classic and old fashioned keep your bionic eye trained on this samurai.

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