Masters Of Vertigo: Watch This Incredible 360° Video Of Severn Bridge Engineers

Scruffs take workwear to new heights...
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As part of their 'Masters at Work. Masters of Workwear' campaign, Scruffs took a helicopter up to the Severn Bridge to celebrate the expertise and dedication of its veteran engineers. 

Featuring 360° helicopter footage over the mile long bridge, their Masters of Vertigo video follows Owain and his team as they carry out maintenance work at bowel-worrying heights. With a combined 26 years of experience and over 500 climbs between them, it's fair to say they know what they're doing up there. 

Scruffs is a brand who pride themselves on championing tradesmen, and they've chosen three masters of their craft to front this latest campaign. Alongside Owain is Rob, a plasterer with over 40 years experience, and master joiner Nick. To find out more about them, visit the site here

Watch of the helicopter footage from the Severn Bridge below.

And if you're left wondering how the film was made, here's a behind the scenes look, showing exactly the incredible scale of the whole operation. Fair play, it's impressive. 

The full Scruffs' AW range can be found here.