McDonalds Have Opened A New 'Hipster' Cafe

McQuinoa anyone?
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In what will hopefully signal the death of all things hipster, McDonalds have launched a new "lab" restaurant in Australia selling a menu of new items including pulled pork and quinoa.

Head down to 'The Corner Cafe' in Sydney and you'll be greeted by chambray shirted, bearded (probably), tattooed (definitely) staff surrounded by white tiled walls with menus on brown paper. It all comes as part of a $1 billion rebranding strategy by the fast food giant, presumably the make the public forget that it's been poisoning us for the last few decades.

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Tellingly, the cafe is devoid of McDonalds branding save for a few golden arches in the corner of menus. If you want to know how it tastes, the Guardian in Australia went down to test it out.

The good thing about this is that it'll be a kick up the arse to the contrived overpriced cafe culture taking over most cities, bringing a bit more imagination back into things. Nobody wants to grow a beard and serve coffee on a penny farthing when McDonalds are doing it. Time for something new.


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