MeisterSinger No. 03 Automatic, A Classic Watch With A Difference

A new sporty watch that comes in a limited edition of 220 pieces and just one hand...
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In 1991 Manfred Brassler, founder and head designer of MeisterSinger, produced his first collection of single-hand watches.  The individuality of MeisterSinger watches is defined by their subtle style elements such as clean and simple two digit numerals distinctive needle-shaped hands and a gentle curvature of the glass.

MeisterSinger highlights the origins of the watchmakers’ craft. Timekeeping began with a single hand – sundials, church steeple clocks, the old Breuguet subscription watches.  It was in this period, the late 17th century, that pocket watches were sold in significant numbers.  At first they had only single hour or 15-minute increments at best.

Over the past nine years MeisterSinger has won numerous accolades. The latest of which is the coveted Red Dot design award for the MeisterSinger Singulator mechanical watch which was awarded in 2010.

The N°03 Automatic is the latest watch from MeisterSinger a sporty watch in a limited edition of 220 pieces.

The one hand concept requires a new take on telling the time from your watch. The 12-hour dial is divided by 144 markers.  Each marker represents 5 minutes.  It is 15 minutes past 10 on the watch shown.  The 15, 30 and 45 minute markers are bolder, and in combination with the distinctive pointed hand make it easy to read the time.

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