Meridian Audio M80

Meridian launches the successor to its acclaimed F80 entertainment system.
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The Meridian M80 features the same award-winning Meridian technology as its larger systems. It houses a powerful 80-watt 2.1 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) stereo system with a rear-mounted subwoofer, slot-loading CD/DVD drive and AM/FM/DAB Digital Radio, in addition to multiple analogue and digital inputs. The M80 also comes equipped with a nifty bit of technology and ‘location compensation controls’, which means that the music will sound just as good at any volume, regardless of the size or shape of the room or whereabouts you’ve placed the M80.

It doesn’t just sound good, it looks good too. In keeping with Meridian’s passion for quality, exceptional craftsmanship flows through the heart of the product. The finest British leather, available in three colours, Obsidian Black, Chestnut, and Ivory, graces the distinctly modern outer case, hand stitched in Northampton by IM Kelly, an artisan business renowned for their work with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury automotive and marine marques. It takes a skilled craftsperson more than an hour to work and stitch the leather on to each M80 unit.

The manufacture of every M80 involves four hours of skilled work and over 800 individual components, with each system subjected to Meridian’s stringent testing processes in order to guarantee that all products leave the company’s state-of-the art facility in accordance with their exacting standards.

Every M80 compact entertainment system comes complete with a gloss-black i80 dock for your iPod or iPhone, so your entire music catalogue will always be at hand, with the bonus that the M80 will charge it up for you too. Tracks from your iPod can either be selected on the M80’s display panel or at a distance using the slimline handheld magnetic-backed remote control.

All in all it’s a great all in one music solution for any room in the home, that looks as good as it sounds.