Modern Toss: 10 Years of Filth, Fun & Swearing

A decade of drive-by abuse, insane relatives, terrible job interviews and inadvisable HR meetings, no-one quite interprets Modern Life like Modern Toss. As you'll find in a new book and exhibition.
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You know about Modern Toss, don't you? Cartoons in Private Eye, The Guardian Guide, Sunday Times Style and most importantly their own publications. This week they chuck out a brick-sized volume that guides you through the last ten years of their commercial work - it's called A Decade In the Shithouse because, as they say, that's where their work invariably ends up. The perfect quick toilet read.


To help the book out into the world we at Sabotage Times are co-promoting an exhibition that mixes new work with a retrospective. The exhibition runs from Thursday October 2 - 19th October at Forge & Co, 154 Shoreditch High Street, London, is open everyday until 7pm and late night Thursdays, and it's got some unique stuff in it. Specifically they've a human sized version of their WORK cartoons where you can sit in it and be photographed in the cartoon. Then there's new cartoons that will actually insult you if you touch them. Plus a full Modern Toss shop, new books on sale, some new versions of classic prints, their TV work running continuously, the Elemental Swearing Table and the cartoon booth where they will draw you. Or as Jon Link from Modern Toss puts it:

"Massive cartoons that you can actually live in. Little Bits of paper with original Shit scribbling on. A table that calls you a plants arsehole. A box with a hole in it that spits a drawing of your face out of it. Flat paper that shouts at you. What's flat and calls you a cunt? Modern toss shouting pictures that's what. Welcome to a technological breakthrough in the  world of talking paper . Four Elements plucked from the Modern toss Periodic table Of swearing are now available  as revolutionary shouting pictureS. The element swear block is underprinted  with an atom thick layer of graphene which is touch sensitive to your finger or any other piece of skin. Give it a press and hear it shout back at you, versions available 'international cunt circus, 'shit it' fucking arseholes' and ' bollocks' . An essential stress relief tool for the modern office environment, snap up the whole set and stick it on someone else's expenses yeah?"

So that's it, get yourself down there. The bar and restaurant upstairs at Forge & Co are good too. Remember Thursdays open late.

This Thursday 9th October from 7-9pm they'll be doing an evening portrait session at the exhibition. The first 50 people through the door from 6.30pm onwards guarantee a portrait from either Jon or Mick.

Jon & Mick will also be there signing books on Saturday 11th October 2-4pm and Thursday 16th 7-9.30pm.