Modern Toss 2011 Seasonal Blow Out

International cult cartoonists and animators Modern Toss are bringing their unique brand of precision swearing and stylishly cak-handed drawing to a Marylebone gallery this December for an unmissable, ground breaking, 10 day look back at their 2011 output.
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If you fancy having a bash on a swearing table that you operate like a demented organist with Tourettes, then get your cunting selves down to The Modern Toss Seasonal Blow Out. From shitting arsehole to bullshitting wanker and beyond, the incredible Interactive Periodic Table of Swearing has to be heard to be believed.

But it's not all about being called a cunt by an inanimate object. Featuring loads of top-notch limited edition prints and some new festive nik-naks, plus the chance to have your phizzog immortalised by Jon and Mick over in the specially built Portrait Booth, the seasonal blow out will be the best party this side of George Michael’s hospital bed.

So get yourselves down there, yeah?

The Modern Toss Seasonal Blow Out runs from Friday 9 to Sunday 18 December, at Imitate Modern Gallery, 27a Devonshire Street London W1G 6PN. The opening night is December 8 from 6.30-9.30pm

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