Modern Toss: Attack of the Giant Fly

Modern Toss created a massive fly called Dave for the exhibition we put on, this is his story. In pictures.
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ST: Tell us about your obsession with flies?

MT: A seagull or a horse would find it very difficult to gatecrash a TV interview with Barack Obama but for a fly that's all in a days work.

On the Household Fly identification Chart how long did it take you to come up with the names?

It was a long term project, we were particularly pleased with June Shitfield.

Did you leave any out?

Jeff Goldblum yeah.

You had another pair of fly characters didn't you? Celebrity watchers. What happened to them?

They are currently hanging out with Raoul Moat, he's starting to give off a bit of an aroma, so there's a bit of a cluster of them all tweeting about it

At what moment did you decide to build the giant fly and the smaller models too?

We were in the British Museum and it looked like there was a space for it, we're still waiting to hear back from the curator.

How long did it take to build?

About a week and a half, made a bit of a fucking mess of the house, wife's going mental about it, enough flies as it is.

Where did you build it, how did you go about it?

In the back garden, did the small one  then built up to the big one, neighbours kept looking at it. Got a bloke round to help us stick it on the pole.

How did you transport it?

Big old Luton van thing, nearly broke down on the way, thought we'd have to leave it on the hard shoulder.

Does it have a name?

Michael Angelo had David, this one's called Dave.

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