Modern Toss: The Sneezeman Game

Cult cartoonists and animators Modern Toss have brough their unique brand of humor and art to the App Store with Sneezeman: The Game
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The little man with the big nose has got his own game. Plucked from the groundbreaking TV series Modern Toss, Sneezeman has now boldy moved into the game market with 'Escape from Planet Sneeze', an arcade style platform game in which the allergic super hero is chased across multiple levels by a thundering sneeze cloud that's now available on the Apple App Store. Battle with zombies, gorillas and ghosts whilst trying to stay ahead of the Sneeze Cloud and get Sneezeman home as he travel through 5 worlds to escape Planet Sneeze on foot, paragliding with a massive hanky or driving one of his many souped up vehicles.

“Escape from Planet Sneeze” has been getting lots of rotation in ST towers, and if you fancy even more merchandising from the Tossers this might also be the time to get onto their site and bag a calendar for next year.

You can download the game here from iTunes for 69p

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