Motormouse Mini Classic

It’s a mouse that’s a Mini and a Mini that’s a mouse, liven up your day and impress your colleagues with the Motormouse Mini Classic mouse.
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Who can forget the red, white and blue minis in 1969’s The Italian Job? Designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, and made famous by Twiggy, Michael Caine, John Lennon and Peter Sellers, the Classic Mini became an icon that summed up the swinging ‘60’s and a design that’s still popular on the roads today, despite the recent update.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning one, but never thought it practical enough, you might like this nifty new gadget from Motormouse. They’ve, quite cleverly, taken the classic Mini design and wrapped it round a desktop mouse. Something that could be a bit twee actually turns out to be very good indeed.

Like its Hollywood siblings, the Mini Classic comes in red, white or blue with a white roof and comes with stickers to give it your own livery and personalised number plate.

Inside the working boot there is the world’s smallest 2.4G wireless receiver with three setting options. It also comes with a ‘super glide’ mat, chrome alloy wheels and rubber tyres. So, not only does it look cool, it’s also nippy across the desk.

The Mini is just one from Motormouse’s garage of cars. They also do the new BMW Mini (in chilli red, white or black with black roofs) a sports car with a passing resemblance to a Porsche and a soon to be release London Black Cab.

If these seem familiar then that’s because Motormouse appeared in the UK Dragon’s Den in 2009, securing not the wrath of, but £120,000 from James Caan and became the most successful company from that series. And it’s not hard to see why, with the Minis coming in at a respectable £32.99 on the road including batteries.

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