motorMOUTH II Bluetooth car kit

A simple plug-in Bluetooth hands free kit that lets you stream any audio through your car stereo
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Since the advent of mobile phones, Bluetooth and MP3 players, there’s been a bewildering array of in-car accessories that promise to link everything through your car stereo. Often with varying degrees of success.

Now, US based Scosche Industries has brought out its all-in-one solution that’s already scooped some prestigious awards – the motorMOUTH II. It’s a simple piece of kit that plugs into your car stereo’s MP3/Aux input and acts as a plug and play Bluetooth streaming audio receiver.

Once the device is plugged in, you press the multifunction button to enter ‘pairing mode’, which is indicated by a flashing blue LED. Once paired, you can dial directly from your handset to make a telephone call or press the multifunction button again once for voice dialling. There’s no need to worry about echoes or noise distortion either as the motorMOUTH uses the latest echo cancellation technology.

As well as a hands free kit, it also streams audio from your mobile phone or mp3 player through the car stereo and if a telephone call comes in whilst you’re streaming music then the device will automatically switch to the call. There’s no need to switch back either, as once the call’s finished it will do that automatically.

If you prefer to have your phone connected via a wire, then motorMOUTH comes with a ‘Y’ adaptor for your auxiliary cable, and if your AUX input is located out of the way – the centre armrest for example – there’s also a cable that allows you to extend it out to somewhere more practical.

It’s a great bit of kit and certainly a great, and affordable, solution to a common problem.

Price £54.99