Movember: Help Rosa Raise 10k In Memory Of Her Dear Old Dad

Stop sniping about people's muzzies and get involved with a good cause for a change...
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When people sneer that Movember is just a chance for Hispters and Baristas to grow attention-grabbing moustaches they miss the point on several levels. Yes, there might be a bit of vanity in the cases of some growers but if it raises money for what is an extremely worthy cause, whether it’s a tenner or a grand, then it is a good thing. End of.

For some though, there is a personal side to the campaign. Step forward Rosa Glover. After her beloved old man died a few months ago from prostate cancer, Rosa decided to get involved in Movember. As she isn’t a former member of the East German women’s Olympic squad growing a mo isn’t an option, so she’s pledged that if she hits the target of 10k then she will get a permanent Mo tattooed on her finger live for people to watch.


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After auctioning off her boss and other VIPs at a recent party she has reached 7k, which is not only within bristling distance of the target, but also makes her the top female Movember fundraiser.

If you fancy helping Rosa achieve the target then you can donate here. If you don’t, we’ll come round and tattoo humbug on your forehead, capiche?