Tired Of Doodling Alone?

Fancy swapping your solo scrawling for an online canvas where strangers are waiting to draw with you? Then check out the catchily named 'Multiuser Sketchpad'...
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Last weekend a group of strangers helped me draw a penis and a pair of testicles. Bizarre lifestyle choice you may think? But no I’m not a mental, and yes this really did happen. I was drunk internetting and found something called Multiuser Sketchpad.

This ingenious tool allows you to draw, or if you’re like me squiggle badly, anything you want on a virtual blank canvas; where anyone online at the same time can sketch with you simultaneously. It’s designed by web developer boffin Ricardo Cabello, aka Mr.doob, and is a good way to waste time, if you have time to waste, which unfortunately on Saturday night I did.

I found the virtual pad by visiting Chrome Experiments a site that showcases various web-based games, drawing tools, and other geek wizardry that work in your browser, specifically Google Chrome. Some are excellent, some not so. Multiuser Sketchpad is a wicked experiment.

Accessing the blank canvas that night I searched my creative mind for some inspiration. What shall I create? I could draw anything, albeit piss-poorly, but nonetheless, anything. An enchanted forest, a leafy glade, a trickling mountain stream, anything. I decided on the universal daubing that binds humankind since records began - a cock with a pair of love conkers.

With the template etched into my mind I set about constructing the schoolboy’s perennial doodle. Clicking and dragging the cursor I created the classic mushroom-shaped crown, but wait... someone named “4763” is helping me out, he’s sketching an adjacent veiny shaft, and shit me! Who’s this? A person, with the apt moniker “dickdrawer”, is starting what appears to be a fleshy pair of men’s erotic baubles, complete with curlies. Fuck. This is the finest web-ting man has ever created. I’m welling up it’s so beautiful.

Seconds pass and before I know it the three of us have fashioned together a pixelated homage to the male genitalia. But before I can say where’s the sp... “Miss Sunshine” steps in to help complete the creation; in the form of crude droplets of population paste flowing from its source. If only Tony Hart was alive to see this.

On his blog the creator of the sketchpad unhappily acknowledges: “As expected, people like to draw male reproduction organs all over the place,” so I was not alone in my idea, although I should have realised this with the earlier accomplice calling him, or herself, “dickdrawer”. Indeed later on in the night it was plain to see this was a reoccurring theme; big ones with small testicles, small ones with big testicles, chodes, toads, anything goes. One reader comment on Mr.doob’s blog states: “Can you add a penis stamp tool? Would save me a lot of time.”

Apart from the phallic-based fun there are a lot of talented artists helping each other craft intriguing pieces of computer art. Mr.doob blogs that he started a sketch - that you can see in the video below – and people joined in helping him produce something far from his own imagination.

There’s undoubtedly a vast amount of possibilities for this marvellous creation, not just noughts, crosses and bell-ends. And since returning to the site I’ve seen some talented artists at work. But I suppose as long as there’s idiots like me they’ll always be rude scribbles getting in the way of any real art. Why don’t you give it a go?

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