Music Playlists For Every Occasion

Break up playlists, make up playlists and getting dressed up to get drunk on the town playlists. We've all sobbed our hearts out to a music medley or felt indestructible whilst jogging to one...


What started with the humble mixtape has now developed into a personal music revolution. Whether you’ve broken up with your beloved or are simply out for a run, everyone loves a playlist. Here’s a few that we can all relate to…

The Break-Up Playlist

When you’re laying on the floor surrounded by fluffy bunnies and holiday pictures, tears streaming down your face, what you really need is loads of depressing songs. Must contain With or Without You, The Wonder of You and the song you considered yours. Five times.

The Getting Ready Playlist

Whether you’re a Kool & the Gang fan or someone who fires up for Friday night with some banging techno, this is an essential. To fully gauge the musical proclivities of the nation’s youth, someone should stick a camera in every bedroom and compile the dancing and hairbrush singing into one brilliant viral video.

The Gym Playlist

When I limp through three miles on the treadmill at an average speed of 1.2mph, what I really need to convince me I’m Usain Bolt’s more talented cousin is hip-hop, as loud, aggressive and anti-social as possible.

The Driving Playlist

Born to be Wild. The Chain. Keep on Runnin’. Albatross. Thunder Road. Layla. Highway To Hell. Little Red Corvette. Back in The USSR. Ring of Fire. Play at maximum volume and repeat to fade…

Writes Owen Blackhurst

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