My Favourite Football Shirt: The Adidas Arsenal Classic Rocked By Limpar

Unearthing my first ever football shirt at a recent car boot sale, I couldn't help but stop the memories of Alan Smith and Ander Limpar from flooding back.
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My Favourite Football Shirt: The Adidas Arsenal Classic Rocked By Limpar

This morning I did what I swear will be my last ever car boot sale. As I was shifting my old vacum cleaner to a Nigerian family, out of the corner of my eye I spotted 3 Adidas stripes a mist a mountain of clothes on the stall next to me.

I had  no option but to purchase what was my first ever football shirt - the Arsenal, Adidas, 1991 kit.

I loved this shirt.  The off red colour.  AFC embroidered in the collar.  Pretending to be Anders Limpar.

In 1990/1 Arsenal won the league scoring 74 and only conceding 18 goals, losing just one game away at Chelsea.

At the back George Graham’s well drilled defence were immense.  Seaman, Winterburn, Dixon, Adams and Bould were as good as it gets for a back 5.   Up front Alan Smith finished the season as top goal scorer with 23 goals - whilst Paul Merson (13) and Ander Limpar (12) got double figures from midfield.


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The Swedish winger signed from Cremonese and ended up winning Swedish player of the year.  I loved the guy.  I would pretend to be him playing Arsenal vs. Tottenham in the playground at school.

I was 8 years old in the 1990/1 season and most of my memories are from the title winning video.  There are so many Martin Tyler sound bites, “Right to left to Limpar” , ”And he did that like the England full back he is”.

The Arsenal team in 1991 had fight.  Forget Pizzagate, the 21 man brawl when Arsenal visited Manchester United was the real battle of Old Trafford.  After Winterburn went in a “committed” challenge on Brian McLair.  The Scottish midfielder along with Dennis Irwin went on to boot Winterburn in the back whilst on the floor.  There was history between the players and what ensued was a ruck involving pretty much every player on the pitch.  You can watch Winterburn gleefully talking about being booted by McLair here.

So to the woman who was selling this Arsenal shirt amongst a mountain of clothes.  Thanks for the memories.

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