NATO Nite Watch

Want a watch that will last the course? Try Nite’s Nato watch; so tough it’s used by Special Forces all over the world
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Have you ever wanted to join the military but never made the grade, or maybe all the running round and shouting was just a bit too much for you? Well you can experience just a hint of life in the Special Forces, or at least the bit when they need to know the time, with Nite’s Nato watch.

Nite is a British watchmaker that has set to ‘combine innovative design, beautiful aesthetics and high-precision technology’. So far so good, but more exciting to the likes of you and me is that they are approved by Nato for use by Special Forces all around the world.

The Nato watch – one of the seven watch collections made my Nite - has been designed to perform a singular function – to be the best timepiece you can wear in all combat conditions. Operation performance is ensured with ultra reliable Swiss movements, Swiss GTLS illumination and webbing strap with double-toothed stainless steel buckle. There are also two ‘tactical’ models, featuring full stealth dial and bezel graphics.

All Nite’s watches are made to very high standards, using the best materials, production methods and specifications to create some truly great looking watches, with the design and quality comparative to some of the most respected brands in the world. As far as pricing goes, they also represent very good value. Ad to think that someone a commando might be wearing the very same watch a you on top-secret military manoeuvres is pretty cool.