Neos: The Future of Electric Travel?

An electric concept vehicle for two that’s a motorbike crossed with a car. What's not to like?
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The NEOS concept vehicle, appears to be some kind of motorbike combined with a car. It runs on electricity and is capable of carrying two people at once.

Conceived by Daniel Munnink, the futuristic vehicle is an enclosed motorbike and a modular sidecar that incorporates a lot of tech in its carbon fibre body including GPS, touch-screen display, side view cameras, docks to connect your mobile phone and seemingly much much more. Everything you’d expect from such a funky sounding concept vehicle.

The front tires are completely without spokes and it seems to be made for safety with a side airbag for the driver, airbag for the person sitting in the sidecar, and even padding for the knees and elbow.

NEOS is equipped with latest 3-phase AC induction motor and lithium battery tech, which adds more to its eco credentials and gives the three wheeled bike a range of 260km on a single charge, and above all the NEOS remains flexible as the sidecar pod can easily be removed.

The other prominent features of the vehicle include vehicle detection senses, reverse and side mirror cameras, led lock and un-lock indicator and even joy stick controls. It sounds a lot of fun and hopefully it will be on our streets sometime in the near future.

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