Nerf N-strike Stampede ECS

Office warfare has never been so much fun. Meet Nerf’s most powerful blaster yet
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It may say ‘Age: 8 years+’ on the box but don’t let that put you off. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with thinking Nerf’s new N-strike Stampede ECS is damn cool even if you’re in your 30s.

Looking like the kind of kit Colonel Trautman would give John Rambo, albeit modelled in bright yellow plastic, the Stampede is equipped with the highest capacity clip Nerf has ever created. A fantastic 18, count them, 18 foam-like Nerf darts, can be unloaded in just seconds, thanks to it’s fully automatic battery powered system – another first for Nerf. There’s even a backup 6 dart clip just in case you get stuck in a tight spot.

The Stampede features a pop-out bipod, which doubles as a handle, and a removable shield so you can quickly change to ‘Attack Mode’. It’s by far the easiest to use Nerf blaster yet and less prone to jamming than previous models, and the ability to quickly change those cartridges can make all the difference in the fine line between triumphant victory and humiliating defeat.

It takes six batteries, which gives you an idea of the power it produces, but this does mean it’s a touch cumbersome if you need to run around a lot, not to mention expensive when they run out of juice and need replacing. It’s far more effective as a devastating static defensive weapon.

One thing’s for sure, your office colleagues won’t be able to get anywhere near your desk to steal your stapler. And if you work somewhere where this kind of behaviour would be frowned upon you’ll just have to figure out how to persuade your kids they want one for their birthday.

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