New Invention Will Translate Dog Thoughts Into To Human Speech

A Scandinavian research lab believe they can make your dog speak to you like a person. This is the future, friends...
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Yep, this is really happening.

A Scandinavian research lab believe they've found a way to turn the loveable household dog into your very own Brian Griffin. Using technology which maps and analyses brainwaves, 'No More Woof' can translate thoughts like "I'm hungry", "Who are you" and "Bitch stroke my belly" into human speech (we made that last one up).

Although still in the very early stages of development, the people at NSID have created a crowd funding page to raise the necessary money and get No More Woof into production, raising over $3,000 in the first few days alone.

Read more about the project at their Indiegogo page here, or watch the video they've put together.


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