Newcastle Artist Alaric Hammond's New Show Looks Terrific

The artist's new'un From Cheek To Blushing Cheek is showing in Shoreditch right... *checks watch* Now.
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You know what we love at Sabotage Times? Really cool art. You know who does really cool art? Newcastle-born artist Alaric Hammond who brings a different perspective than the capital art set and, naturally, lashings of that stout-black North-East humour.

An innovative illustrator, our Al's back with a cracking new exhibition From Cheek To Blushing Cheek running at ace Shoreditch venue Forge & Co from 31st October (that's today!) to 7th November. This challenging new collection is inspired by recent conflict and presents the notion that good and evil can often look pretty much identical - something that anyone who's ever had to interview a new flatmate can attest.

Combine subtle charcoaling and paint to create original pieces of work, expect to see a whole lot more from Hammond soon - but in the mean time, this brilliant exhibition will tide you over just fine.

Alaric Hammond's From Cheek To Blushing Cheek will be exhibiting at Forge & Co from 31st October to 7th November.