Nixon Master Blaster Headphones

Great sounding headphones that help keep you cool when you're out on the piste
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The Master Blasters have the right name for a pair of headphones. It gives you an indication that these aren’t for the faint hearted, indeed they’re really designed with the participants of extreme sports such as snowboarding in mind. So that being the case, it’s no surprise that they happen to look good. Very good indeed.

They feature a leather headband and over-ear cups with a firm feeling ball and socket design so they fit snugly, and firmly, over your ears, and most of all they’re comfy. There’s an integrated volume knob and smart looking 1.5m removable braided cloth cord and come in their own custom designed moulded carrying case. The fact they’re lightweight also means you can wear them for some time without feeling your head’s being pushed into your neck!

As for the sound, the Master Blasters excel in high and mid-range clarity, it’s easy to tell one sound from another, which isn’t always the case with many headphones. The bass is fine but could be punchier but overall there’s a good sense of openness.

It’s really the design that strikes you about these though. They’re not the cheapest at £159.99 (from but they’re certainly a good upgrade if you’re in the market for some new headphones.