Old Spice Saves The World, 8-Bits At A Time

Old Spice have been making men smell better for years, and now they've dipped their toes into the gaming waters. Here's why you should play their Flash game. Now.
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Old Spice are notorious for producing manly deodorant and even manlier adverts. Apparently, they’re also a dab hand at making games: Old Spice Saves The World is pure pixel madness, and has killed Friday productivity here in the office. The world is about to end and, naturally, NBA legend Dikembe is on hand to save the day.

The game will set a new challenge each week but, for now, you are tasked with halting the relentless spread of Gangam Style through America in an attempt to send distracted Yanks to the poll booths to vote in the election that happened a few weeks ago. Don’t worry, it makes perfect sense.

It’s all completely crackers and downright hilarious: Dikembe is briefed, duck under his arm (because why not?), by snazzy-jumper-wearing ‘Science The Bear’, and given a giant bottle of old spice-come-jetpack to complete the job. You control Mr Mutombo in a top-down-shooter sort of affair as he throws ballot papers to would-be voters whilst avoiding falling detached houses and disco balls. Oh, and you’re force fed cake. No lie.


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Once you’ve got the relevant papers to 50 voters, you’ll face a terrifying boss: the State of Ohio, which has also been swept up by the wave of South Korean fever and can’t stop dancing. You can defeat it, somewhat conveniently for Dikembe, by repeatedly throwing ballot papers at it.

Once Ohio falls, your score it tallied and added to a global total, which is used to power a digital wood-carver that will attempt to add rings to the Mayan calendar, thus extending the world’s existence. It’s a watertight plan.

Old Spice’s marketing team deserve some sort of award. You should stop whatever you’re doing, click THIS link and play the damn game. It’s an absolute joy. Check back next week, when the next stage will become available. I’m on a horse.