One For All PS3 adaptor

Now you can control your PS3 with your One For All SmartControl with this Bluetooth adaptor
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One For All is one of the top manufacturers of universal remote controls – the type of control that does away with the need for the coffee table cluttering number of remotes that’s the curse of modern day audio-visual ownership.

You may already own One For All’s popular SmartControl. It can already operate your HDTV, iPod docks, Blu-ray, PS2, Xbox 360, MP3 players and various home cinema systems, but until now it wasn’t compatible with a PS3. Which is why One For All is bringing out a PS3 Bluetooth adaptor.

Now, for example, you can manage all the controls for watching a Blu-ray movie via the PS3 without having to switch between different remotes, controllers or even modes.

The PS3 code is pre-programmed into SmartControl and it’s incredibly easy to set up but by simply pairing the adaptor with the PS3 via the menu and pairing key. The adaptor then translates the IR signals into Bluetooth commands that the PS3 can understand. All commands are easily accessed, allowing full control of the games console.

SmartControl's 'Watch Movie' button can be programmed for gaming mode, selecting the HDMI port for your PS3 and controlling your amp whilst switching on your PS3 in a single button press.

All the firmware is also fully upgradeable via a dedicated microsite, so you’ll always be up to speed with any updates released by Sony.

So go on and reclaim your coffee table or what it’s meant for, your cup of coffee!

Price (adaptor bundled with SmartControl) £49.99

Keith Wildman