Our Obsession With British Boybands

Those good looking boyband embryos who were formed on a reality TV show and used to work in Greggs. All hail the Great British boy band!


Those good looking embryos called CJ or Marlon or Aston Martin, who have been plucked from obscurity by an evil music biz impresario. If they were formed on a reality TV show and used to work in Greggs, even better. All hail the Great British boy band!

One Direction

SCREEEEEEAM! Not only is Harry Styles the best looking man-boy ever to have walked the earth, but the rest of them are cuter than a puppy with a broken paw, too. They also make music, but like, WHATEVS!


You’ve got to hand it to JLS, the soundtrack to a thousand teenage kisses and hysterical trips to Primark. They still don’t look old enough to get served, bless ‘em.

The Wanted

The Wanted are kinda edgy in a ‘we buy our clothes from Superdry rather than Top Man’ sort of way. They’re currently riding high in the States – but we saw them first, right? (Bagsy the sexy one in the vest).


Whether you were a screaming pre-pubescent girl or an octogenarian, Westlife ticked all the boxes. Sadly now defunct, but my God, that band could sing while sitting on high stools.

Take That

Britain’s boyband extraordinaire started life as some backflipping lads from Manchester and soon mutated into the finest pop band of their generation. Now, Sir Gary of Barlow is a national treasure and their V-necked poptasticness makes Kate Middleton go all unnecessary.


Walthamstow’s finest burned brightly in the 90s despite looking like they’d just stopped off at Victoria Wine in a souped up Ford Fiesta. The bad boys wowed us all by showing their softer side with their Christmas number 1 ‘Stay’. Then they promptly disappeared and a nation wept into their white fluffy parka hoods.

Writes Lucy Sweet

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