Pam Glew: Urban Artist

Part pop-art, part-visual paean to the icons of her youth, Pam Glew's portraiture of celebrities on vintage flags gets us reaching for our wallet. Find out for yourselves as her second solo exhibition, Circus, opens on November 26th.
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Prosper briefly by proxy or suffer in comparison is the choice that will face most urban artists starting out today. In fact, it is what happens with any genre that becomes flyaway, you must remember The Bluetones, right? There is, however, a third-way and that is to forge your own sub-genre and do such a blinding job of it that the drums of the critics of said genre rattle with paradiddles of acceptance.

With her highly desirable flag art, Pam Glew has done just this. Growing up in Devon her childhood dreams of glamour were lived vicariously through the deeds of actresses and models both on screen and off. A firm believer that theses idols and icons truly sum up the era that they lived in, she at first only focussed on striking female portraits on national flags.

Her second solo-show, Circus, which opens on Thursday 26th November, features both men and women, dead and alive, from across the kaleidoscope of celebrity including Michael Jackson, Hunter S. Thompson and Blondie. Highly collectible, the striking images on vintage national flags reflect her idea that "we worship people like we salute flags."

Make ours a Hunter...

Pam Glew, Circus, Show runs from 26th November-2nd December 2010. Red Bull Studios, 155-171 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2JP

The Circus series originals will range between £1,995 - £4,500, all available from

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