Pamela Anderson Has Written An Open Letter To Vladimir Putin

Don't worry endangered Fin Whales, Pam's got your back.
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'90s pin-up Pamela Anderson has written an open letter to Vladimir Putin about the transportation of Icelandic Fin Whale meat. 

In the letter, the actress urges the Russian President to prohibit a ship carrying 1,700 pounds of illegal whale meat from entering Russian waters on its way to Japan. 

The cargo vessel, which has already been refused entry to the Panama and Suez canals, is currently moored in Norway awaiting permission to pass through the Northwest Passage. Not if Pam's got anything to do with it. 

In the letter to Putin, the ex-Baywatch star highlights "a mutual love for animals and deep respect for nature"  in an attempt to end "the needless slaughter of endangered whales by Iceland".