The Paper Mario Pop Up Diner

To celebrate the launch of the new Nintendo game "Paper Mario: Sticker Star", The Breakfast Club, Spitafields, London has been transformed into the Mushroom Kingdom! Go down and get some mushrooms!
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To coincide with the release of the new game "Paper Mario: Sticker Star", Ninetendo has brought the Mushroom Kingdom to life by transforming The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields London into a  pop up diner.

Paper Mario:Sticker Star is the first Paper Mario game to be launched in five years and is the first to be made available on the Nintendo 3DS. Much like previous iterations such as Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, it's bound to be a the perfect Christmas gift for your portable gaming friends.

From floor to ceiling, including walls, tables and chairs, placemats and staff uniforms, the diner will bring to life the Mario world. Open for one day today on Wednesday 21st November, make sure you walk through the large fridge as you enter...


Paper Mario Pop-up Diner

At The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields

12-16 Artillery Lane

London E1 7LS