Peace Horse: Your New Favorite Webcomic

Political satire, Gandhi, Howard Devoto and madness all feature in this cartoon. Here are episodes one and two for your pleasure...
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Peace Horse is a mildly satirical (and daft) cartoon comic strip produced by The Halton Institute; two chaps who performed in a Gloria Gaynor electro pop tribute band in the 1980s and haven't seen each other since (well once, briefly)

The Halton Institute is erected in the time of the Great War. In all its cartooning and grand japery The Halton Institute would like it to be known that it respects and admires the brave men and women who gave, and do give, their lives in the service of this country and of mankind, but respects not, alas, the political - or politicised - justification behind sending young men and women into fields of conflict.

Peace Horse ploughs a comic furrow characterised by anachronistic guest appearances by such cultural luminaries as Prince, Ghandi, the Great War poets, Howard Devoto and stars of the 1970's male grooming explosion. Peace Horse wills you to tune in wig out and hop on the next permanent wave.

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