Photos From Inside North Korea

Most of us will never step foot inside the borders of North Korea, so here's one photographer's eerie collection of DPRK photography.
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"Christian Åslund, who visited North Korea in the fall of 2011, when it was still under the rule of Kim Jong-il, has called his experience there 'surreal.' The photographer was taken on a highly selective tour, guided through places deemed to reflect a suitable image of the country.

Along with this restrictive route, he found there was little to photograph besides the ubiquitous portraits of Kim il-Sung and Kim Jong-il. Nonetheless, Åslund’s sober but beguiling photos speak of his own limited experience of North Korea, and perhaps reveal much about the country – the images of monuments are often taken off-center, and he seems to be more concerned with the quotidian, with the people walking past these icons and not the icons themselves.

Visit his website to learn more about his work."

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