Piers Morgan, And 16 Other Things You'd Rather See Culled Than Badgers

We're not surprised you wanted to see the ex-Mirror man taken down, but who else did Sabotage readers decree worthy of a legalised cull?
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Legislation was released today that agreed to the culling of badgers, to the cheers and huzzzahs of farmers across the country.  But there’s a lot worse creatures out there, surely?  We asked Sabotage readers who they thought were more deserving of a place in front of the county firing squad. Suggestions veered from the obvious to the insane to the just plain mean)…


Alan Bourke- Non-indigenous crayfish
Mark Scott- Rufus Hound
Peter De Mouilpied- Politicians?  Or Japanese knotweed.
Silvia Dee-Tories
Tom Pasco-Williams- Kelvin McKenzie
Jeff Penver- Badger killers
Christopher Spencer-Baker- The production staff on X Factor
Benjamin Perry- Grey squirrels
John JJ Martin- Collective members of Jordie Shore, TOWIE, Made In Chelsea and The Vailes
Emma Yale- Keith fucking Lemon
Carl Purusram- Chimps.  Kill them all.


@Roy-Jeremy Kyle
@Bernard Farrimond-Wasps
@Joshua Burt- Anyone that says ‘amazeballs’
@Kris Wood- Piers Morgan
@Matthew Laidlow- Annoying receptionists in GP surgeries
@Declan Brandley- Paul McCartney and Gary Barlow

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