Pioneer leather headphones

In ear headphones for the leather loving music addict on the move
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We’ve seen plenty of headphones over the last year or so, but none have stood out as much as Pioneer’s SE-CL24. The reason? It’s not the gold plated connecting cables or the fact they come with three different sets of ear buds to accommodate ears of all sizes. It’s the fact they come enveloped in a luxury looking leather finish.

Available in either black or dark brown, they’re sure to turn heads as you discretely show off both your love of leather as well as music on your commute to and from work. If you’re even more fashion conscious/obsessive you could probably try to match them with your belt, shoes or briefcase.

Spec-wise they have everything you’d need - 1.2m cables, 9mm drivers, a playback frequency of 20Hz to 20kHz and an impedance of 16 ohms and Pioneer tell us they’ve: “been designed to offer high clarity and powerful bass to provide the optimum listening experience for every genre of music” and for just £27 they’re a bargain too.

Should you want to treat the wife or girlfriend, Pioneer have also come up with a set of girly headphones they call ‘cherry style’ – the SE-CL23 - which, you can probably imagine, look like cherries. They come in white and cherry colour finishes and are the same price and spec as the leather headphones.

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