Qsonix 110 HD Music Management System

There are plenty of music management systems on the market at the moment, but none quite as eye-catching as the Qsonix 110HD.
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Whereas previously the loss in sound quality with digital compression was something of a bug bare to some, this high end system has the audiophile amongst us in mind, though at $7795 it does come at an audiophile price. It features the Windows Media Lossless format that sounds just as good as a CD and it’s 1-terrabyte storage capacity enables even the largest collection of music to be uploaded – that’s up to a staggering 20,000 cd’s. The Qsonix operates via a touch screen that allows you to quickly browse through your entire music library in a multitude of ways now familiar to most of us with an ipod  - from album artwork to track title, so it’s instantly accessible. Throw in a multi room function that can playback separate set lists simultaneously in multiple locations and this is a perfect music management solution for anyone who wants to pay the price.