Red Is The New Blue (Plaque That Is)

Introducing the English Heritage's tawdry red cousin, celebrating the best of modern Britain... and Keith Chegwin.
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The original blue plaque scheme, founded in 1867, has commemorated the likes of Clement Attlee, John Logie Baird and Oscar Wilde. An auspicious scheme that celebrates the link between highly talented and respected people in history, the things they have done and the buildings in which these activities took place.

And now in 2011 Heritage English have launched their new Red Plaque scheme. A commemoration of really important and respected people in our society today and the things they have done. Flagbearers of our nation.

Here are some facts and figures about the scheme.

The first Red Plaque was put up on January 1st 2010. It commemorated thespian Danny Dyer's two-hour stint in a Croydon police cell as a result of soiling himself on Malibu and threatening to smear his faeces on the windows of Dixons.

Like the blue plaques, the wonderful Red Plaques can help increase the value of a property. A house featuring a red plaque commemorating Andy Crane (BBC Broom cupboard/Spearmint Rhino fame) increased by £15000. However, be warned as a red plaque commemorating Konnie Huq devalued the property by £62000.

Unlike the blue plaque (made in Windsor and taking 2 months) the red plaque is outsourced to Bangladesh, taking only 15 minutes to create.

All Red Plaques are unveiled. Attendance numbers vary considerably. The ceremony of recently bed-ridden Cat Deeley only drew 4 members of the public, whereas the official unveiling for Brian Regan (Brookside's Terry Sullivan) attracted 10 fans.

See the latest unveiling featuring a star of screen and radio.

Or visit the official Heritage English website

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