RIP Terry Nutkins

As tributes pour in for the man who lost two fingers to a savage otter at the tender age of 15, here he is at his best...
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Of the 8 (eight) people in the office today, only two of us reacted with sadness to the news that wild-haired nature man Terry Nutkins has passed away. You can forget Steve Irwin, Nutkins was animals and telly to anyone who grew up in the 80s, although he did prefer Otters and Sea Lions to crocs and deadly stingrays, his enthusiasm for animals made watching The Really Wild Show et al fun after a day at school. If the images of him and his beloved animals above don't get you all teary-eyed, then the video of his mentor, Johnny Morris, singing this song about the Sea Lion Nutkins raised should do it. Altogether now, Gemini, Geminii...

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