Life Through The Bottom Of A Glass

Roddy Doyle's new book is a hilarious look at a year of news through the eyes of two bar room philosophers. We heavily recommend you buy it.
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This little bible of funny wisdom from the idiot bar philosophers presents the world as seen through the bottom of a glass. It's very very funny, like early Irvine Welsh dialogue. In fact so funny I  didn't really want to read it all in one sitting. I'd rather save it for one read a day but it's hard not to binge on the narrative as it picks up momentum, working in running jokes about a grandchild with a zoo of exotic animals and which footballers they fancy.

Politics, economics, celebrity and sport are all pondered over with the sort of witty realism that politicians so rarely understand. Whilst discussing the election they say one candidate is an idiot for saying he won't be paying himself any more cash than the average wage and they decide to to vote for the bloke who they believe has been out on the piss in Colombia.

At first it feels like Two Pints was purely reporting, like Jeffery Bernard's brilliant old Spectator columns (if you don't know them, look them up on Amazon and buy the anthologies), disguised as fiction but as the year progresses and the subplots emerge it becomes clear the annual news structure is a challenge Roddy Doyle has given himself to hang his fiction on.

If people are asking you what you want for Christmas and haven't a clue I'd recommend Two Pints. It'll save you even having to go to the pub.